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Why Choose Us?

While many schools have commendable goals, the Bible has radically different life priorities to what is taught in most schools.

Christian schooling is designed to provide excellent education to families; an education which has underlying priorities in keeping with Biblical foundations and truth. There is no area of life where sound Christian principles are not applicable.

Whether it is the teaching of science or art, solving students’ social concerns, respecting those in authority, caring for others, understanding people from different cultures, learning about history or geography, discovering leadership, having self-respect or choosing a career path, the truth of the Bible informs a truly Christian way of approaching everything.

Parents in Australia have a valuable opportunity not available to most other parents in the world — a choice to attend a Christian school which is funded on the same basis as any other type of independent school in the country.

CCM endeavours to provide through its Colleges, an education that is compliant with all of the rigours of State and National Curriculum requirements that is also immersed in foundational Christian truth. We presently run classes from Prep to Year 12

Additionally, we aim to provide this quality Christian schooling to families at an affordable rate.

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