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Glengallan Campus

The Southern Downs Flexible Learning Hub (The Hub) was established to assist students who have found conventional school structures unsuitable to their needs.

“The Flexible Learning Hub is designed to be just what its name says – flexible”

Our view of education is to partner with parents to help students see their giftings, assist them develop existing talents, and experience new possibilities in their journey to becoming a valued member of the community.

The Flexible Learning Hub is designed to be just what its name says – flexible. Some students attend the Hub for a number of years while others are supported for a shorter time. A number of cross-campus programs are offered to students at the Warwick Christian College Slade Campus as part of the re-engagement of some students into mainstream schooling.

All senior students can choose to enrol in the registered subjects of English Communication and Prevocational Maths and choose certificate courses to earn points towards a Queensland Certificate of Education.

Many students move into further studies or gain employment. Our aim is always to lead students to live a positive and productive life. Throughout all aspects of the curriculum are strong engagement-based incentives and wider social learning to assist students to interact well with project teams and the world around them. This involves social skills training, training in the area of life values, problem solving techniques and involvement in community projects.

We work closely with district support and health professionals, referring students where specialised help is needed with a view to accelerating their personal recovery and growth.

The Hub is run under the accreditation of Warwick Christian College and is located at the Glengallan Campus.

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