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5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Flourishes In Prep

The fundamental skills that will set your child up for success when they start school …

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What will you learn?

The skills in this eBook are more important than letters, numbers or any other academic ability. You will learn which skills your child should develop to make the transition to learning in the Prep year positive and enjoyable, including:

  • the social skills they need to develop
  • the resiliency they need to develop
  • things they need to learn to do independently
  • secondary skills that will come in handy
  • things you can do with your child to get them ready.

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Warwick Christian College is a P-12 non-denominational co-educational College that offers a quality Christian, values-based education. Our intent is to see our graduates become who they are meant to be. Each student in our care has been given a number of gifts and talents. At the end of the year students should aim to be a better person, more efficient and resilient than they were at the start of the year.

Greet school, great opportunities. Equipping for life. Educating for eternity.