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Early Years

Students do well when they feel secure enough to make mistakes and confident that their inbuilt desire to learn will be fostered.

“strong literacy skills during the early years lead to higher learning results in high school”

Love, laughter and learning

Young learners need a caring and listening ear to hear their own developing views and opinions; one who will guide their growing curiosity and temper and mould their passionate exuberance. Quality learning time along with storytelling, songs, educational games and a range of special days and events provides the children with a wide range of learning experiences. Students will explore the full range of the Australian Curriculum in a wide variety of contexts both at school and in the wider community.


Research shows: strong literacy skills during the early years lead to higher learning results in high school with increased life outcomes as adults. Therefore, to build this solid foundation,there is an increased focus placed on literacy throughout the early years. The timetable is also arranged to provide additional time for developing strong skills and allowing teachers and support staff to work with students that need further assistance.


Numeracy is the skill of applying basic mathematics to a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. In the early years, students are encouraged to master basic number facts and concepts. As more complex learning occurs, they then have a well-developed working memory enabling them to concentrate on the learning in front of them, rather than things that should have been learned years ago. Numeracy has a strong emphasis in the early years with more allocated time than the QCAA recommended hours.

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