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Term 3 – Week 8, 2019


Dear Families

The best laid plans of Mice an’ Men often go astray. Our plans to have the MP for the Southern Downs participate in the official opening of the newly refurbished Hospitality Wing could not come to pass. Mr James Lister, MP was going to take part with Pastor Darren Muller but had to attend to the matters around the Stanthorpe fire emergency on the Saturday gone. Pastor Darren gave a short but meaningful speech about the Importance of our students learning the value of food technology in the twenty first century. He cut the long blue ribbon and the College’s first Slade Campus project, partly funded by BGA, was open. The room is well appointed and extremely functional. If you missed it, you may like to call in and ask to see the great conversion. The Open Day was a great success with around a hundred people present for the opening – many expressing interest in enrolling their child/ren.

On a sad note, we report the passing of Mr Kel Williamson who has been such an important part of this College and the Campus for nearly twenty years. Kel passed away peacefully on Sunday afternoon surrounded by his family. He was confident in his eternal salvation with the Lord Jesus Christ and funeral details are as follows: 11am Saturday, September 14th, in the Assembly Hall of Warwick Christian College, immediately followed by the wake in the Dining Hall.

I am pleased to say how well the new car park arrangements are working. Parents, carers and grandparents have been ensuring safe passage of our younger students to and from their cars. On a similar note, following parents’ concerns, we cancelled the proposed trial of the local bus service and will be working towards creating a business case for another bus.

This year we will be concluding the school year with the Awards Night on Wednesday 4th December. There will be no pupil free day next term (usually week 3) and students will not be at school on the Thursday or Friday of Week 9 – 5th and 6th December.

Thank you for all your support of the College

God bless you,

Carmelo Rubio


Important Dates
Week 10 Fri 20 Sep  Last day term 3

Term 4

Week 1

Tue 8 Oct First day term 4
Week 3 Mon 21 Oct – 9/10 Emu Gully Camp
Week 6 Fri 15 Nov – Year 12 send off
Week 9 Wed 4 Dec

Awards Night

Last day term 4

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK – Week 7 – Lee Heywood, Dallas Butler-Ruka Tayven Davies, Isabella Gay, Erik McConnell, and Elizabeth Hughes.

REMINDER – All students without a hat won’t be allowed to play outside; they will be sent to the library instead. Please ensure your child brings their school hat with them each day.


VOCATIONAL EDUCATION – Term 3 has been a very busy one in VET.  Each term the students gain more confidence in their learning and we are establishing a good rhythm in the training room.  Many students are displaying more confidence and independence in their learning.

Cert III Business – Our business students have been firing on all cylinders getting our module on using Microsoft Excel finished in double time.  Many students went into this module with fear and trepidation thinking that Excel was hard and they had no practical use for it.  We finished the module with students enjoying Excel and some even using it to display their information in other subjects.  We are spending the rest of the term making sure all our resubmissions are satisfactory and we can sign off on multiple units of competency.

Dual Qualification Cert II Health Assistant & Cert II Community Services – These students have been learning how to communicate in a health care setting and performing health checks.  They are gaining both theoretical and practical confidence in their skills.  We have also been blessed to have Karen Gilchrest come in and help our students achieve their First Aid Certificate.  All Year 10 – 12 students went to the Toowoomba Hospital to attend the Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth program.  This was particularly beneficial to our health students who had access to many parts of the hospital they would never normally see.  Many have had their career goals confirmed by being in the real world environment.

Cert II n Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways – Our FSK students have also had a very successful term, many of them completing more than 2 units of competency.  We have been investigating work place communication, preparing workplace documents and math skills required for the workplace.

Cert III Child Care – These students study childcare via an online portal with classroom support from a qualified trainer & child care worker.  These students are about to embark on their practical placements in Term 4.  We hope in 2020 to deliver this course face to face.

Sally Clifford, Head of Vocational Education

IT NEWS – This last Term has been a very exciting time for Information Technology here at the College. We have recently received an upgrade to our Internet infrastructure with an NBN connection to the curb. Instead of relying on a wireless link to our Canningvale Rd site, we now connect to a faster,   more reliable NBN connection just outside our school. As I’m writing this report, I’m getting a 50.14 Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 23.54 Mbps. Our Glengallan Campus has their own NBN connection and is working well. We are still fine tuning our Internet filtering software and our IT manager in Brisbane hopes to have these bugs ironed out soon here at Slade and at Glengallan.

The School has now a new fleet of laptops servicing our Yr 7 & 8 Slade students which are a Dell Latitude i3 model which are well able to handle the demands of our students. To maintain a high level of safety and longevity we have purchased a 32-bay laptop trolley to house these laptops. This system appears to be working well and the students are guaranteed their laptops will now be fully charged for the day ahead (if they remember to plug them in when returning them to the trolley!) Yrs 9 to 12 all have a school laptop which can be taken home if needed. The ones in the upper school are all Touch Screen.

This year, we now  have one functional Computer Lab in Marshall 2. This lab is used by Primary and Secondary Classes alike. We propose to use this Lab for our NAPLAN testing in 2020 along with its continued use for Digital Technology lessons. Throughout the Preps to Yr 4 Classes we have small pods of computers (2 to 5) set up in Classrooms for Teachers to deploy students for Literacy, Numeracy and Research based activities. Our Yr 5/6 Class are currently using an older fleet of Dell laptops which thankfully are still most adequate for the work the students are doing.

In our Reception room you may have noticed a monitor placed in the corner. This is used to screen images of our school and student activities over the last and present years. We also have an updated Website and a Facebook presence. Please take time to visit these sites and keep up to date with what’s going on in our school. I look forward to bringing you more updates in Term 4.

Rob Rayner, IT Support

HUB HAPPENINGS – The students have been working on preparing the building that is nicknamed “The Dungeon” into a usable workshop area. This has been achieved through the help from Mr Glenn Miller, who has graciously provided his time in assisting our students. Mr Miller and the students have built a bench which will be used for setting up the various tools required for future projects. Another piece of equipment that has been constructed is the metal bending bench. The products produced from this piece of equipment will be on display at our school open day this Saturday. If you would to donate your time or resources to our workshop area, please feel free to contact the school office.

Chris Mason, Head of Glengallan Campus

TEAR READ-A-THON UPDATE – As you know the TEAR Read-a-thon is almost over with 3 weeks remaining. Your child(ren) will have already or come close to reading the minimum of 20 books. After this point you can go online and make your donation or sponsorship pledge. To date we have $25 kindly donated. The website to do this is: https://readathon2019.tear.org.au/warwickchristiancollege

Thank you for your support for this project and continuing to encourage your children in the love of reading.

Rob Rayner, TEAR Read-a-thon Coordinator

YEAR 1/2 – This term, the year 1/2 class have been working really hard on our story writing skills. They have been reading lots of different picture books and studying the different vocabulary the authors are using as well as how pictures help tell a story. The students have been trying really hard to apply these skills to their own stories with excellent results! After they have finished writing, they are editing their stories for punctuation and spelling mistakes. Once it is edited, they are then turning them into their very own picture books! I am very impressed with their efforts in writing this term and super proud of their stories! Well done Year 1 and 2!

Shannon Freeman, Teacher