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As members of the Warwick Christian Community, we aren’t just here to do a job. We are here to serve the living God of the Universe. What a privilege! In doing this we serve with all our heart, mind, soul and spirit. This is done in the context of other things God has also called us to do in our families, churches and elsewhere.

This year we have set three main goals for the College:
  • To enhance our academic program by providing a wider range of primary activities and secondary subjects to ensure student success at every level. These include more music, sport, life education and interest based activities.
  • To develop and foster a rich Christian culture in the College.
  • To create new and better learning spaces for the students and staff by utilising and enhancing existing buildings and by employing a carpenter to make the improvements.
We look forward to working in service for the Lord together. Blessings in Christ

Christian Values

As part of God’s law, the Ten Commandments set out the right way for people to live. Jesus taught and modelled the best way to live by condensing God’s law to one word – love. Love God and love your neighbour. Students are taught God’s perfect and holy ways in a world where morality continues to change. Through a biblical worldview, students are taught how to critically evaluate life and their contributing role in creating a better future for everyone.

Academic Outcomes

100% of students in 2016 met or exceeded the National Minimum Standard in NAPLAN tests..

Personal Change

Student success is based on believing meaningful learning requires effort and that when faced with failure, they get up and keep going. Learning requires reflecting and setting personal goals that inspire and are worth achieving.


No man is an island, as they say. Our interconnected world requires that students are not just willing to work collaboratively, but have learned how to problem solve together, plan, develop and refine as a team, and have developed conflict management skills to build and keep strong relationships in all they do.

2019 Term Dates

1 29 Jan – 5 Apr
2 23 Apr – 28 Jun
3 17 Jul – 20 Sep
4 8 Oct – 5 Dec

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