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At Warwick Christian College, we value character development

Character Development

Our aims for all students:

  • To develop the character of all students so that they equipped to succeed in all areas of life.
  • To provide a safe and healthy learning space in which all members for the College community are able to flourish in an environment free from disruption and harassment caused by others.
  • To develop and maintain a sense of ownership for each individual’s behaviour, making everyone responsible for the actions they take.
  • To ensure courtesy is displayed at all times for other members of the school community.
  • To ensure we respect one another and display a sense of community in everything we do.
  • To learn and enjoy learning, ensuring we do not hinder others in their quest to flourish.


We expect every member of our College community to be respectful, responsible, and to cultivate healthy relationships. Students are expected to be:

  • Respectful of staff, other students, property, and themselves
  • Responsible for their learning, their community, and the welfare of others
  • To cultivate healthy Relationships with those in our community


College Expectations – The Three Rs


  • The College Values and Christian Ethos
  • The right and authority of College staff to carry out their roles without disruption
  • The right of other students to learn
  • The right of all staff and students to feel safe and valued
  • The property of others, including school property



  • For your participation and effort in class
  • For arriving to class on time with all required equipment
  • Wearing the College uniform with Pride
  • For upholding a positive College culture through word, act, and attitude
  • Acting in a safe manner at all times


  • Cultivate positive relationships with students and staff
  • Aim to restore relationships when they are damaged
  • Promote healthy relationships within the community

College Merit Badge

Five different badges students can earn throughout the year. Badges are awarded at the first Assembly of each term and at awards night. All achievements earned throughout the year will be announced at awards night. Students can earn the same badge multiple years; it will be recorded as level 1-10. Badges can only be achieved in the same calendar year. These badges will be awarded on 3 occasions throughout the year; Whole School Assembly in Term 2 and 3, and Awards Night. 

Competitor Badge (Red):

  • Student represents the College at at least 3 different external competitions (District carnivals, CCM carnivals, STEM competitions etc.)
  • Student consistently demonstrates good sportsmanship and house spirit at competitive events.

Cultural Badge (Purple):

  • Student represents the College at a minimum of 2 internal or external College music/art events (Spring Showcase, Choir, Chapel Band)
  • Student consistently demonstrates diligence in their artistic pursuit.

Challenge Badge (Green):

  • Student represents the College in the Kokoda Challenge.
  • Attends the year level camp.
  • Student consistently demonstrates courage, mateship, perseverance and sacrifice during co-curricular activities.

Character Badge (Blue):

  • Consistently demonstrates the College Values as well as fulfils the College expectations.
  • Consistently high uniform standards
  • As and Bs in Behavior and Effort.
  • At least 3 Commendations.

Community Badge (Yellow):

  • Serves or represents the College or wider community in at least 3 events (Spring Showcase, Rodeo parade, ANZAC march etc.)
  • Consistently demonstrates a servant-hearted attitude.

College Commendations

Students who demonstrate the College values in the school community are eligible for a College Commendation. Staff need to nominate students during the week to the Head of Primary or Secondary. This signed letter of commendation will be handed out at assemblies.

The reward:

  • Recognition of good behavior. Parents will be sent an email notifying them of the commendation.
  • Commendations affect certain Merit badges and leadership positions (College Captains, House Captains, SDYC)
  • Voucher for the Tuckshop

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