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Our program is modelled on other successful secondary programs run by other CCM schools. We offer the full spread of Australian Curriculum subjects and follow the recommended hours set by the Queensland Studies Authority.



Subject Selection

One of the questions often asked is about subject selection and subject rotations. The subject rotations operate on a semester basis, so that over the year level junctures, students experience the opportunity to engage and explore the full range of Australian Curriculum subjects  according to the recommended hours under the Australian Curriculum and QCAA guidelines.

Technology has two strands: Design and Technology, and Digital Technologies. Within Design and Technology, there are five contexts that are explored over the Middle School years: Engineering Principles; Food and Fibre; Food Specialisations; Materials and Technologies.

Creative students have the opportunity to express their personality in The Arts, which are taught over the year in rotations, as Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. Each student will have the opportunity to explore all these areas and develop their skills.

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Warwick Christian College is set in the beautiful old Slade Campus on the North side of Warwick and at Glengallan Campus 1 kilometre down the road. Established in 2007, the College aims to provide an affordable, Christian education to the families of the Southern Downs. Warwick Christian College is operated by Christian Community Ministries (CCM).


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