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At Warwick Christian College, we value our rules:

Does the way we think, speak and behave reflect Christ’s character?

A student demonstrates CHRISTLIKENESS by:

  • Participating positively in Christian activities
  • Showing Christian values in their daily behaviour
  • Actively promoting College values
  • Seeking to assist and serve others appropriately
  • Demonstrating awareness of the effect of his or her actions on others

Learning is having a teachable attitude, being prepared to learn and grow. We need to let others teach us. We don’t know it all.

A student demonstrates LEARNING by:

  • Seeking assistance when experiencing difficulty
  • Actively seeking learning opportunities
  • Completing set work within set time frames
  • Completing additional tasks without prompting
  • Making use of free time in an appropriate manner
  • Working independently when required

Excellence is setting a high standard and maintaining it. It is doing our very best.

A student demonstrates EXCELLENCE by

  • Completing their work to the best of their ability
  • Being organised and ready for class
  • Presenting work efficiently and neatly
  • Taking pride in their written work
  • Completing their homework and assignments
  • Being punctual to school and lessons

Attitude is the way we approach our work and our relationships, and the effort we put into these things.

A student demonstrates an appropriate ATTITUDE by:

  • Possessing a positive attitude to learning
  • being happy at school
  • Encouraging and motivating others
  • Being self motivated and energetic
  • Being amicable, friendly with others
  • Being correctly attired and presenting themselves neatly

The way we treat others and ourselves.

A student demonstrates RESPECT by:

  • Choosing to be respectful to staff, students and community members
  • Responding appropriately to correction
  • Greeting adults with respect
  • Seeking to assist adults without prompting
  • Working cooperatively with others
  • Choosing to treat all others with respect