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About Us

Warwick Christian College is a P-12 non-denominational co-educational College that offers a quality Christian, values-based education in the beautiful city of Warwick.

Warwick Christian College began operating in 2007. It is a co-educational day school, and provides education for students from a variety of backgrounds and Christian denominations.

The College aims to provide a quality, Christ-centred education to all students. We foster an atmosphere of love, respect and responsibility in order to encourage students to reach their full potential, both for themselves, their community and for their Creator.

Warwick Christian College offers the Australian Curriculum across a wide range of traditional subjects with all areas being taught from a Biblical perspective. Students from Prep to Year 12 are taught in a supportive and caring environment that caters to each child’s specific needs. The staff of the College differentiate the learning experiences to suit the needs of each child.

Warwick Christian College seeks to offer an educational environment which caters to the needs of each unique child and their family. Our desire is to serve God and the community by providing a caring and inclusive Christian education for the families of Warwick.

The College has continued to build on and strengthen curriculum delivery in the senior secondary department while continuing to consolidate in the primary department. Staff are dedicated to strengthening the College’s capacity to differentiate and cater for the learning journeys of all students.

Students at Warwick Christian College are encouraged to have an awareness of their role within the community and their ability to contribute to society, regardless of age. To this end, the College participates in a variety of community and fundraising events throughout the year, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and a dedicated team of parents and College families. The moulding of young lives to participate positively and generously is a reflection of the College’s Christian foundation and values, and we encourage this whenever possible.

The College continues to provide specialist provision of a second campus for at-risk youth, the Southern Downs Flexible Learning Hub. The Senior Coordinator of the College, Mr Chris Mason, has remained committed to the development of the programs on offer at this site.

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